In the mass-produced world of recent years, customer relationships have long been seen as something of an add-on: nice to have but not essential. Globalization and hyper-competitiveness are turning that idea on its head. When your competitors are just a click away, when products are becoming commodities and it is human relationships that have real value, customers have once again become what they always should have been: the be-all and end-all. After a decade of talking about ‘one-to-one’ and ‘made-to-measure’, reality is finally catching up with the rhetoric. THE CHALLENGE? To move from mass-market offerings to personalized ones, that are relevant and useful to customers in their own context, may even be co-created and engage individuals in the heart of their own ecosystem.

0ver 50% of Internet access is now via mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are set to become the number one platform for accessing digital services. The opportunity: offering a unified, context-sensitive, social experience to users, multi-channel and mobile platforms will enable a total rethink of customer relationships.. DISCOVER >

10% of business revenue is dedicated to managing paper documents. The opportunity: new paperless processing solutions can cut costs by 80% and boost business productivity. In Europe alone, paperless billing could save €40 billion. DISCOVER >

Maintaining a loyal customer costs five times less than winning a new one. The opportunity: new generation, 360° social CRM solutions offer an incredible opportunity to boost sales lead-generation, cross-selling and loyalty programs. DISCOVER >