1.8 trillion GigaBytes of digital data was created in 2011, and the amount of data is growing by 60% a year. According to Gartner, right now organizations, are accessing less than 5% of the information that’s available to them. In a digitalized world, information is your greatest asset: your intellectual property, your management secrets, your customer insights. What if you could leverage this asset even better?

By optimizing information lifecycle management, you can finally capitalize on your digital assets. Even better, you can get real value from them.The benefit? Boost your business performance, your service quality and your regulatory compliance.
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Your data management solutions are only worth having if they really serve your business needs. The challenge? To identify possible scenarios for optimization. The solution? Boost > Advisory Services: information management, storage and back-up audits structured around key business issues and ROI, designed to identify the demands from your business in terms of service levels and the most appropriate architectures. Bull’s greatest assets: services catalogue definition and infrastructure optimization methodologies that are unique in Europe, 1-day ‘Flash’ interventions and 360° audts. Interested? Ask to speak to one of our experts >


Effective digital asset management has to respond to your specific needs: agility and high availability for e-commerce, access to unstructured data for research or 3D cinema, or even more simply, managing growth and development for new businesses. The solution? Boost > StoreWay Solution Centers: centers of expertise that allow you to simulate and test the most appropriate data management solutions for your business. Bull’s greatest assets: a team of experts, complete environments, on-site or remote services, close partnerships with the leading suppliers in the storage market : EMC, NETAPP… Interested? Ask to speak to one of our experts >


Fires, floods, power cuts… so many unforeseen things can threaten your digital services. The challenge? To put in place the right back-up and business continuity resources. The solution? Boost > Backup Agility et Boost > PRA : a portfolio of advanced solutions and services that let you respond to all kinds of risks, even in ‘as a service’ mode, with resources to ensure smooth transition towards the cloud. Bull’s greatest assets: backup agility and disaster recovery solutions to provide excellent infrastructure security with exceptional TCO and a high degree of flexibility. Interested? Ask to speak to one of our experts >


Tribune from Neil Dillon, Bull StoreWay Strategist

The volume of data available to businesses has grown dramatically over the past decade driven by the growth of the Internet, the rise of social media and multimedia and statutory requirements to retain information. Between the origins of man and 2003, around five Exabytes of information were created. Today, we produce that in just two days. By 2013 at the latest, 1,000 billion devices will be connected to the Internet, and the resulting traffic will increase nine-fold. Managing this rapid growth is often viewed as a problem: as a cost to business. Instead it should be seen as an opportunity.
This information is not only in the form of traditional database data. Much of it is unstructured – estimates suggest around 70%. Everything from emails, memos and presentations, to maps and audio-visual recordings documenting business activity, customers, corporate know-how and strategy… in short, a key element of every organisation’s intangible assets.

One of the challenges facing businesses is to really understand the quality and diversity of this data, so it can be adequately protected while allowing users to better capitalise on its value; and at the same time keeping capital expenditure and operating costs to a minimum: at least partly by driving operational efficiencies.

Reaping the Rewards

Bull seeks to optimise the benefits enterprises can derive from their Digital Capital. The solutions required to manage Digital Capital today have to deliver colossal amounts of processing power and storage capacity simply to deal with such huge volumes. What’s more, they have to prove their total reliability because such systems are becoming more and more critical.

In terms of a step-by-step approach, organisations first need to put in place the raw infrastructure not just to store large volumes of data but to do so efficiently and provide ease of access. At the same time, to ensure that service levels are constantly aligned with the needs of the business, they need to make certain that the scalability of both storage and processing power implemented is capable of growing in line with these needs. So, the storage architecture has to be designed from the outset with an architectural technology of building blocks/components that not only satisfy today’s demands and anticipate those of tomorrow.

Making the Right Choices

With economic conditions remaining difficult, it is increasingly important that organisations use their Digital Capital in the smartest way possible to make savings and deliver operational advantage.
Most businesses today lack sufficient resources or in-house expertise to capitalise fully on their Digital Capital themselves. They need to exercise caution in choosing a partner.

Bull, as a leading European storage integrator with expertise in mission-critical applications and large solution implementation is uniquely qualified to work alongside in-house IT departments to unlock value for customers.

Companies aren’t necessarily spending more but they are seeking bigger returns from their spending. They are increasing their storage infrastructure because of data growth – exacerbated by legislative requirements to retain data – and because they want to unlock the value of that data to help make more informed business decisions.

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