With the Internet, your customers are just one click away from your competitors. Are you ready for the sales war? According to Gartner, the majority of current CRM systems have been overtaken by new-generation, social CRM solutions, that are turning the whole sales process upside down. What if you could boost your retention rate, your cross-selling and your lead generation capabilities?

Use new-generation CRM to simplify the alignment of sales forces and marketing teams around a single objective: to understand your prospects and customers better, capture all exchanges with them and optimize the sales process. The objective: cover all sales and marketing channels, including social networks, to give you 360° vision.
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Your CRM system will only be effective if it is closely aligned with your customer topology, your points of sale and your specific processes. The challenge? To define a technology strategy and solutions to maximize impact on sales and ROI. The solution? Boost > CRM Consulting: an advisory approach based on in-depth experience of CRM, expertise built up through best practice and leading-edge understanding of CRM innovations and trends (social networks, M2M…). Bull’s greatest asset: expertise in both the technological and functional assets of CRM, and cutting-edge expertise in upfront consulting. Interested? Ask to speak to one of our experts >


A CRM solution shouldn’t be yet another technological silo. It should properly orchestrate your customer relationships. The challenge? To build a solid CRM solution that also, and above all, interfaces seamlessly with your entire information system: multi-channel portals and customer contact points (M2M), ERP/billing, service provisioning, Business Intelligence… The solution? Boost > CRM Integration: a comprehensive set of services, including architecture, integration, specific developments, implementation, change management support… Bull’s greatest asset: global expertise as a systems integrator, combining CRM expertise with in-depth understanding of all the very latest digital systems (multi-channel, telecoms, M2M, payment systems…). Interested? Ask to speak to one of our experts >


CRM is an ever-changing project. New customers, new organizations… not only does it have to operate 24×7. It also has to be just as flexible as the world around you. The challenge? To effectively combine service quality and scalability. The solution? Boost > CRM Oursourcing and Boost > CRM Application Maintenance: a portfolio of advanced services to operate and maintain your CRM, including in ‘SaaS’ mode. Bull’s greatest assets: industrial-scale application maintenance centers, recognized expertise in secure outsourcing, and the first global, secure approach to transitioning to the enterprise cloud: Le cloud by Bull. Interested? Ask to speak to one of our experts >