60% of the products that will be on sale in 2020 don’t actually exist yet. THE CHALLENGE? Not just to radically speed up innovation. But also to use disruptive solutions to break into new markets (disintermediation, long tail…), introduce new business models (on-demand, ‘freemium’…) and encourage new uses of technology (‘one-to-one’…). Even better. Get users directly involved in the innovation process and move away from a centralized strategy towards a process of open innovation, based on user experience..

In recent years, computer simulation has cut product design times in industry from 60 to 24 months, and saved leading automotive and aerospace companies €50 billion… THE OPPORTUNITY: more powerful and flexible new-generation Extreme Computing solutions that will transform the face of innovation and create €1,000 billion in value in Europe by 2020. DISCOVER >

Currently, businesses only analyze 51% of their usable data. But by 2020 the amount of available information that could be analyzed will grow 20-fold. THE OPPORTUNITY: real-time, mobile Business Intelligence and Big Data technologies will enable organizations to understand their environment better, adapt to market conditions in real time and develop predictive analysis. DISCOVER >

By 2020, the number of intelligent objects will have grown from 60 billion to 200 billion, and those connected to the Internet will have increased from 10 to 50 billion. THE OPPORTUNITY: the Internet of things and M2M (Machine to Machine) – which adapt automatically to offer context-based services – will facilitate the creation of new business services, offering new revenue streams and opportunities for differentiation. DISCOVER >