To operate successfully in markets that are now so open, to evolve in real time, tomorrow’s winners will be those who understand how to move away from a rigid organization structure and strict hierarchical decision-making, towards networked structures that adapt organically to changing markets. THE CHALLENGE? Not just to optimize processes. But also to reinvent yourself, without hesitation, constantly…

Nowadays the cost of digital systems represents between 3% and 5% of business turnover, on average. At the same time the amount of data to be processed is increasing by 60% a year. THE OPPORTUNITY: New, industrial-scale extreme virtualization technologies – aligned with the business – can result in a 30% to 50% reduction in digital infrastructure costs, while also increasing their flexibility. At stake? Radical improvements in efficiency. DISCOVER >

55% of organizations know that they have to update their business processes in the next 18 months. But what do they do with their legacy systems? THE OPPORTUNITY: Business-focused exchange platforms and Business Process Management solutions can help organizations make drastic improvements in their flexibility, while making the most of their existing investments in IT. DISCOVER >

With digital technology, the world is on the threshold of an age of uncertainty. A successful launch can result in an explosion in sales in a matter of hours. But market conditions can turn just as quickly. THE OPPORTUNITY: New, flexible outsourcing technologies and the Cloud can transform digital Capex into Opex. The issue? Making big improvements in responsiveness and business velocity. DISCOVER >