When your organization was only set up in 2008, as the result of a merger between two very different entities with distinct roles and cultures – and aims to offer a unified service, extremely rapidly – your first concern is very simple: to integrate heterogeneous information systems, fast. The challenge? To unify several application ecosystems that don’t normally interact, and ensure that all your applications and those of your partners (including government ministries and banks) can successfully interact around a single shared platform. That’s what the French government employment service Pôle Emploi has done, entrusting Bull with its strategic project, Phebus. The secret? An inter-application bus combining high performance and extreme scalability. The result? Unified and optimized applications, capable of handling high-volumes of messaging traffic (several hundred million messages a day), for greater operational efficiency.

Identity Card
Pole Emploi aims to be the public service of reference about Employment en France.
In 2011, 3.4 million employment offers have been collected by Pole Emploi, and the organisation managed 2.8 million individual missions about employability.