The risks have never been so great. When the other side of the world is just a few milliseconds away on digital networks. When war is now being fought on economic grounds, with espionage, fraud and cyber-terrorism pointing up the new, systemic risks of an interconnected world, security is at the very heart of economic issues. The financial crisis of recent years has shown us, every single day, that the economy depends just as much on trust as it does on industrial activity. THE CHALLENGE? Not just to avoid risks, but to actively nurture that ultimate, intangible asset – trust – and not just protect growth, but create it.

In a computerized world, data is much more than just a resource. It’s becoming THE most important corporate asset. The opportunity: by combining optimum management of the information lifecycle with data protection, new technologies can not only protect this asset but also extract more value from it. DISCOVER >

Every year, digital attacks result in $1 trillion of losses worldwide. The opportunity: by combining fundamental protection, active defense and security governance, new approaches to cyber security can ensure risks are kept under control. Better still, they can boost digital revenues by up to 20%. DISCOVER >

In a computerized world, electronic and digital systems control more and more mission-critical processes. The opportunity: new strategic technologies enable even the most sensitive business systems (for defense, aerospace, energy, transport…) to be designed and run, guaranteed maximum resilience and availability. DISCOVER >